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Update your film and digitise your memories

We can transfer any 8mm (standard 8 OR Super 8), 9.5mm, 16mm and 35mm film to DVD or USB.

Preserve your precious family films in a digital format that will not oxidize or deteriorate. We understand how precious these family memories are, and ensure you that our transfer process is not destructive to the film, and we handle all films carefully. 

We can also edit your films with background music upon request!

your videos in a digital format

Over time, video tapes can deteriorate and become unplayable. We specialise in restoring these tapes to their former glory by using High Definition upscaling equipment and professional repairing methods to digitise your tapes. You’ll be able to share them with friends and family with no trouble, and no need for a bulky tape player! 

Convert VHS, S-VHS, VHS-C, Beta SD–SP, Video8, Hi8 AND Mini DV to virtually any format, including: DVDs, hard drives, internet transfer links, all available on Mac or PC systems. We evaluate the overall physical quality of your tape, clean, & prep for the utmost playback quality your tape can produce.

Don’t be afraid to come in with boxes full of video tape, we will gladly take on large orders and salvage your tapes before they become extinct.

Our USB or hard drive conversions plug directly into your Smart TV or computer.

We can accommodate any file type requirements you might have, please don’t hesitate to ask us about our options!

Turn your photographs into a Slide Show

We transfer 35mm slides, negatives, digital images on disc, or still photograph prints to video, DVD or CD, or a USB or hard drive.

35mm slides are scanned using a designated Nikon slide scanner at a resolution suitable for your needs. Whether you want to print a poster size image or simply create a photo slide show, our scanner can handle it!

Upon request, we can create a slide show with accompanying background music! Your images will be set to play for 5-10 seconds each, depending on your needs. Photo slideshows with music and titles are the perfect accompaniment for joyful celebrations such as weddings, anniversaries and birthdays. They can also bring a lot of comfort to families during funerals to see happy memories of their lost loved one. 

Photographs can also be printed using a still image from a DVD or VHS. For quality purposes, the maximum recommended print size is 5″ X  7″.

Speak to one of our friendly consultants today to discuss your digital media requirements.

Transfer your old Records, Cassette Tapes, DatA Tapes and Mini Disc to your Hard Disc or CD

Preserve the irreplacable voice recordings of parents and friends from years ago to a digital format that won’t deterioarate!

We create CDs for standard CD players/discmans, or master the recordings onto a USB/hard drive. If you’d prefer a CD, we include labelling and packaging, as well as tape repairs if required, at an extra cost. We can also make copies of the CDs to share with your loved ones.

youtube videos in a digital format

Do you have a corporate presentation on YouTube, or a video you’ve created and uploaded to the platform? If you’d like a hard-copy for your folio, contact our team, and we can discuss getting your creation to you!