Commercial Video Melbourne

In recent years the explosion inpopularity of exciting new digital media platforms have transformed the nature of the television broadcast industry. Like all change, this also provides great opportunities for those businesses astute enough to take advantage of them.

While there is no doubt that the image of the entire family gathered around the TV watching the one program night after night barely exists, Free to Air and Subscription TV (eg Foxtel) continue to attract millions of viewers nightly, and selective purchasing of the appropriate airtime to reach specific target demographic sectors has never been more affordable. It also remains the single best way to reach the largest, broadest possible audience for your product or service.

It should also not be forgotten that once created, a TV commercial can, in addition be used at no extra cost on your website, Facebook page, Instagram feed and more.

A TV commercial has all the same production and post production components as any web video, but has some important additional considerations.

These include technical and quality standards mandated by the Australian Broadcast Authority, as well as strict regulation as to what can and cannot be said and shown, either at specific times and within specific shows (eg alcohol advertising when children might be watching), or that must fit within exact guidelines, such as defined by the Therapeutical Goods Act. These regulations are enforced by the Commercials Acceptance Division of FreeTV Australia, now called Clear Ad, the self-regulatory body of the Australian Television industry.There are no specific broadcast regulations covering material on the internet other than the normal laws and regulations covering all Australia.

Atlantis Digitalis a Melbourne based Video production business with many years’ experience at designing and creating TV commercials for Broadcast for a wide range of clients and products. We are experienced at painlessly navigating the heavily mined waterways that lead to a Clear Ad number and licence for transmission on broadcast commercial television.

We also have strong client relationships with Dubsat and Adstream for quick and painless distribution of your finished TV commercial to every TV station in Australia and New Zealand across the space of a few minutes for urgent products, to overnight for less urgent supply or where budgetary considerations are at play.

Please feel free to discuss your upcoming TV commercial ideas and needs with no obligation with a member of our team at Atlantis Digital. You can contact us by telephone, email, or by using the Contact form under the ‘Contact’ tab.

Atlantis Media Productions have years of experience producing quality TV commercials for a range of clients, from retailers such as Collins Booksellers to health organisations such as MS Australia.

Our in-house green screen studio provides the perfect filming environment, and along with our fully equipped editing suites, Atlantis can take care of your TV commercial, from filming through to final edits.