Video Editing Services Melbourne

Once all the shooting for a Video project has been completed, it is time for the real magic to commence! Sometimes also referred to as Post-production, Video editing is part skill, part craft and part intuition!

Atlantis Productions can take delivery of your footage and cut it together as per your script or instructions. We use the latest professional video editing software, either Premiere Pro or FCPX (Final Cut) to bring your project to life.

The first part of  Video Editing Melbourne is to ingest all your footage (‘media’) and clearly label and file all the video footage that has been shot. This may include interiors and exteriors, establishing shots, pieces to camera, vision overlay, wide shots, mid shots, close ups, extreme close ups, reverse angles and more.

If you have commissioned any voice narration, musical production, graphics, animations or special effects, they will all be edited into the video project during post-production.

The sound too, is finalised in this phase. Sometimes also called audio sweetening, your final product may include some or all of a list that includes dialogue, talking to camera, voice over narration, sound effects and musical backing. All these elements are mixed so that the levels are correct and the right element can be heard when it’s meant to. Broadcast regulations also exist setting strict levels for audio output for use on television or cinema.

The final aspect of post-production, colour grading, can give a unique or special feel to your project by highlighting certain tones or hues to make your project the very best it can be. Once your product has been edited, we can provide it to you on a Hard Drive in your choice of formats and quality options, or upload it for you to the platform of your choice.

Take the headache and guesswork out of editing your next Video project by entrusting it to the experienced professionals at Atlantis Digital. Please feel free to discuss your needs with no obligation with a member of our team. You can contact us by telephone, email, or by using the Contact form under the ‘Contact’ tab.