Corporate Video Production Melbourne

Corporate and promotional videos provide an immersive portfolio of your business. There is no better way to get your unique products and services across than a corporate video. Zebra Productions creative team are continually on the lookout for the latest trending videos and viewer’s trends that allow us to help you make an effective and captivating video. Our crews all have broadcast television experience and work extensively with professionals in business and all levels of Government.Check out our video samples and trailers of TV Shows we have directed and produced.

The term ‘Corporate Video Production Melbourne’ emerged at a time when nearly all video production was solely for transmission and broadcast by television networks. Forward thinking businesses and corporations saw the benefit of using video technology to help market their own goods and services, and to communicate with their workforce, shareholders and customers. Today Corporate Videos Melbourne have never been more important or necessary as more and more business is conducted online, and the website of a business, company or individual becomes even more significant than a ‘bricks and mortar’ shopfront or showroom.

The exact same processes, creativity, equipment and skilled professionals are required to make a corporate video or a Logie winning TV programme. Typically a corporate video requires the input of script writers, directrs, producers, graphic artists, camera operators, actors (or other on camera ‘talent’), voice announcers, hair and make up professionals, location services, catering, wardrobe, sound recordists, audio engineers, animators and editors.

A corporate video is typically 3-5 minutes in duration, and created for a company to promote and showcase their services, their staff, their locations and their products.

Corporate Videos created to assist in the Sales and Marketing areas can be used to help grow your business by being available online 24 hours a day around the world.

Many businesses see such great value and importance in their corporate videos hat they have an ongoing program of covering all the different product lines in their inventory. Others create a special video for each service the business provides. A common model is that of the ‘Video Newsletter’, where a business uses the medium of Video to communicate regularly to their market, or internally to their staff.

As mentioned above, a corporate Video requires the same production components as television programming, and happily most viewers easily sit back, relax, fully engage with interest, and follow the presentation as they would their favourite TV shows, providing of course that the Video has been crafted with the same expertise, thought, care and planning as a TV show.

Please feel free to discuss your upcoming Corporate Video ideas and needs with no obligation with a member of our team at Atlantis Digital. You can contact us by telephone, email, or by using the Contact form under the ‘Contact’ tab.