The new addition to the Atlantis digital is the 35mm Blackmagic Cintel scanner

Our film transfer service is powered by the Cintel Scanner, a product of over 85 years of experience in providing high-resolution film scanning tools to the film and television industries. Cintel is renowned as a trusted researcher, designer, and manufacturer of motion picture film scanners, having developed and patented key technologies for the highest quality digital imaging of film. Partnering with Blackmagic Design, a leader in cameras, image processing, and DaVinci color correction, the Cintel Scanner offers an unparalleled blend of film tradition, advanced reliable technology, and elegant industrial design. With our film transfer service, you can expect exceptional quality and expertise backed by the best in the business.

Our film transfer service is revolutionized by the Cintel Scanner – an innovation in film technology. Unlike traditional film products that often suffer from poor quality electronics, the Cintel Scanner is designed with the latest Blackmagic Design image processing technology and features a Thunderbolt 3 and PCIe connection.

The diffuse high-intensity light source ensures that the scanner runs at a smooth real-time speed, keeping film handling gentle and transfers super-fast. With the Cintel Scanner, you can experience the high resolution of a film scanner with the real-time use of a traditional telecine. Join us in the future of film technology with our film transfer service.