Videography at Atlantis

A Videographer is a camera operator, specializing in shooting Video (as opposed to stills photography or film). A Videographer Melbourne is at the heart of almost all our Video production work. Using the latest in technically evolved equipment, a Videographer shoots footage of everything that will be used in a Video project.

From landscapes to interviews, from product shots to actors role-playing scenarios, a Videographer Melbourne is a highly trained technician, who can also be a gifted creative visionary.

Sometimes working alone, and sometimes working alongside a director, the Videographer will start work on a project with a list of predetermined shots that are mandatory inclusions; i.e. shots that we know in advance are going to be required.

Every shoot is different, so on every shoot the Videographer will notice things on location that they realise are special or important, and will also shoot them. Videographers are often briefed to shoot certain scenes or items in a range of movements and sizes, such as zooms, pans, pull outs, wide shots, mid shots, close ups, extreme close ups and more. A visit to the set or location prior to the planned shoot will often help establish what items need to be shot and planned for.

Depending on the nature of the project and the budget, the Videographer Melbourne may also work with a gaffer, who will supply and set the lighting in consultation with the Videographer (and the Director, if there is one). The same also applies to audio. On a simple shoot, the Videographer Company Melbourne may simply need to connect a lapel mike, or a fixed boom mike. On a more complex shoot, a sound recordist or audio specialist may be required.

After the shoot is complete, and before calling the shoot as a ‘wrap’, the Videographer Company Melbourne will check back to ensure that all the requisite footage has been correctly shot and saved. Not much use discovering it back at the studio!

After the shoot the footage is ingested onto a Hard Drive, and a safety copy is also created. Most Videography Services Melbourne will need to undergo some degree of post-production. This can be as simple as editing out the rejected shots, or as complex as editing multiple angles, dialogue, and adding in graphics and superimposed text. The finished footage is then provided to the client.

Atlantis Digital employs a range of Videographers with many years’ experience at shooting footage to the highest creative and technical quality, across a broad range of subject matter, including training, educational, marketing, broadcast, entertainment, sales, induction and more.

We own and operate our own equipment in both High Definition and 4K quality, as well aerial Videography Services Melbourne through the use of drones with on-board cameras, so much in demand these days.

No matter the nature of your Video project, whether a short brief video shoot, through to the most complex and detailed multi-camera shoots, Atlantis Digital specialise in Videography Services Melbourne that will surprise, delight and engage you and your clients.