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A major growth area for Atlantis Digital video services in recent years is the huge increase in the utilisation of live video streaming services. Planned and set up like a TV network’s Outside Broadcast, developments in digital technology have made live Video Production Melbourne streaming an increasingly popular platform by which to reach a large number of viewers simultaneously, all watching remotely from their own homes or offices.

One of the main categories of businesses to use streaming is local government/ council meetings. While council chambers are always going to be limited in size, streaming allows all those with an interest in attending or viewing a particular session of council the ability to log on, click in and be virtually present. Modern smart phone technology means that many viewers are also able to watch live streaming events on their phones.

The ubiquitousness of Facebook also makes it a perfect platform for streaming a live event to a large number of viewers and participants.

The equipment we use is of the highest quality, but developments in technology have allowed the size of the equipment to shrink over time, allowing us to record and stream your event as a discreet presence. A small number of cameras, some of which do not require manning, cleverly placed microphones and at the heart of the operation, a small production mixer, allows us to set up several hours before your event, before streaming out to your audience.

In recent times this technology has also become more and more important for use in such events as funerals, where coronavirus restrictions require the limiting of numbers, as well as bringing your event to remote viewers.

A Live Streaming Video Melbourne set up can also be configured to allow real time Questions and Answers from your remote viewing audience, allowing remote viewers to fully participate in the live streaming event.

Atlantis are established experts in live streaming, with a sizable number of ongoing clients both large and small. Please feel free to discuss your needs with no obligation with a member of our team. You can contact us by telephone, email, or by using the Contact form under the ‘Contact’ tab.

Live Streaming Australia – the streaming solution for every occasion.

With the ability to stream your event, meeting – whatever you may be doing – LIVE to both Facebook and YouTube.

Our live streaming service allows those who may not be able to attend your event to be able to sit and even be INTERACTIVE during its run time, ensuring no one misses out  .

 During this difficult time, we are offering  Businesses, Councils,Churches, Live Streaming, as a way to continue holding general meetings online, without public attendance.

We use 3 to 4 cameras for better quality and guarantee outstanding service and results, while our prices remain very competitive.

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